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The working Principle of the GPS

And GPS tracker can log the location data,then send the data to the server.The process of GPS tracker work,and you can look at the Working principle diagram above. Write in the End In this article, we have simply introduced the related principles of GPS work, but the technology involved is very complex.

HPLC Principles and parameters | KNAUER

Principle of HPLC. The separation principle of HPLC is based on the distribution of the analyte (sample) between a mobile phase (eluent) and a stationary phase (packing material of the column). Depending on the chemical structure of the analyte, the molecules are retarded while passing the stationary phase.

Reversed Phase Chromatography

desorbed. This is generally accomplished by changing mobile phase B to near organic modifier in order to ensure complete removal of all bound substances prior to re-using the column. The fifth step is re-equilibration of the chromatographic medium from mobile phase B back to the initial mobile phase conditions.

Basic Working Principle of Mobile Phone

 · Basic Working Principle Of Mobile Phone Posted on Tuesday, 2 October 2012 Basic Working Principle of Mobile Phone. As we discuss in the previous post about "How to Repair your mobile: Theory, Repairing tricks and basic ideas", now we are going to learn about the Types of mobile …

Battery Working Principle: How does a Battery Work ...

 · Working Principle of Battery. A battery works on the oxidation and reduction reaction of an electrolyte with metals. When two dissimilar metallic substances, called electrode, are placed in a diluted electrolyte, oxidation and reduction reaction take place in the electrodes respectively depending upon the electron affinity of the metal of the electrodes.

Fundamental LC-MS Introduction

differentially partition between the mobile phase (eluent) and the stationary phase (coated onto a support material and packed into the column). The mechanism of retention and separation will depend on the mode of chromatography but may include, Hydrophobic Interaction, Ion Exchange, Ion-Pair, Surface Localisation, etc.

How Do Cell Phones Work? – Pong Pulse

 · Cell phones transmit radio waves in all directions. The waves can be absorbed and reflected by surrounding objects before they reach the nearest cell tower. For example, when the phone is placed next to your head during a call, a significant portion (over half in many cases) of the emitted energy is absorbed into your head and body.


Accelerometer Working Principle. The main working principle of an accelerometer is that it converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. When a mass is kept on the sensor which is actually just like a spring it starts moving down. Since it is moving down it starts experiencing the acceleration.

How Do Mobile Cranes Work? | Stampede Cranes

 · How Mobile Cranes Work. Through a combination of simple machines, mobile cranes are able to gain a mechanical advantage to lift heavy objects. The mast (the tall vertical part of a crane) is supported by a large, heavy base, which helps offset the weight the crane holds at higher heights. At the top of the mast, there is a slewing unit ...


 · Principle of Chromatography (how does chromatography work) Image Source: Khan Academy Chromatography is based on the principle where molecules in mixture applied onto the surface or into the solid, and fluid stationary phase (stable phase) is separating from each other while moving with the aid of a mobile phase.


Transistors have revolutionised the electronic industries since they were first invented. It is a semiconductor device made of silicon, a chemical compound commonly found in sand. Visit to learn about its working and applications.


 · overview- what is a mobile phone detector? the principle of working of a mobile phone detector the circuit design of the device the working principle of the components applications of the device limitations & drawbacks ... mobile phone detector pdf vamshi varun. dtsi engine pgayatrinaidu. automated manual transmission

Pitot Tube Working Principle

 · Because the simple Pitot tube (Above Figure ) only samples a single point, and, because the flow profile of the fluid (and hence velocity profile) varies across the pipe, accurate placement of the nozzle is critical. To avoid this type of problems we are using averaging pitot tubes. Note that a square root relationship exists between velocity and pressure drop (see Below Equation).

Working Principle of DC Motor | Robu

 · Working Principle of DC Motor. A DC motor is an electrical machine which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The basic working principle of the DC motor is that whenever a current carrying conductor places in the magnetic field, it experiences a mechanical force.

How Does Bluetooth Work: Working Principle In Simple Terms

 · This article explains the working principle behind Bluetooth technology. This article details how Bluetooth works in simple language. In focuses of the definition of Bluetooth technology, the principle behind the working of Bluetooth etc. It also explains …

Core Principles for Systemically Important Payment …

banks of the Group of Ten countries is contributing to this process through its work on developing core principles for systemically important payment systems. The CPSS established a Task Force on Payment System Principles and Practices in May 1998 to consider what principles should govern the design and operation of payment systems in all ...

(PDF) Gas Turbine Working Principles

Download full-text PDF Read full-text. Download full-text PDF. ... accommodated in transportation containers to provide mobile emergency electric- ... Fig. 7.17 Working principle of combined cycle ...

A Study: Understanding and Managing the Mobile Workforce

The real mobile worker Defining mobile work The research literature contains a number of definitions of mobile work and associated terms. These definitions vary according to the amount of time will most frequently be working away from the a mobile worker spends away from the office and, according to sites, where work is performed.

HPTLC -Theory and Instrumentation

•If the mobile phase is a liquid this type of partition chromatography is called Liquid Liquid chromatography (LLC) and if the mobile phase is a gas the process is termed gas-liquid chromatography (GLC). •Two other modes of chromatography in which the stationary phase is a solid are classified differently from LSC and GSC because of the

Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM)

Global system for mobile communication (GSM) is a globally accepted standard for digital cellular communication. GSM is the name of a standardization group established in 1982 to create a common European mobile telephone standard that would formulate specifications for a pan-European mobile cellular radio system operating at 900 MHz.

Portable and Mobile Metal Analyzer: Working Principle

Portable and Mobile Metal Analyzer: Working Principle 1 Excitation Source 2 Sample Probe 3 Enhance Slit 4 Grating 5 CCD Detectors 6 Data Processing and Evaluation 2 1 4 3 5 6. Created Date:

WiFi Technology : Working Principles, Types and Applications

WiFi Technology Working Principle. Wi-Fi is a high-speed internet connection and network connection without the use of any cables or wires. The wireless network is operating three essential elements that are radio signals, antenna, and router.The radio waves are keys that make Wi-Fi networking possible.

Fundamentals of Liquid Crystal Displays – How They Work ...

gradually come down. LCDs are now found in products as small as mobile phones and as large as 42-inch flat panel screens. This white paper identifies the major types of LCDs, describes the technology in detail, shows how it works, and identifies major LCD applications as …

How Cell Phones Work (Cell Phones 101)

• GSM (Global Systems for Mobile Communications) – The standard in 168 different countries – Allows for cell communications when you travel to (e.g.) Botswana – Identifying feature: It requires a SIM memory card Cell Phones: The Evolution Current Cell Technology

HPLC Basics – principles and parameters

the principle of HPLC and introduce to the most important components in an HPLC system and the factors that determine the success of a measurement. SUMMARY PRINCIPLE OF HPLC The separation principle of HPLC is based on the distribution of the analyte (sam-ple) between a mobile phase (eluent) and a stationary phase (packing material of the column).

Hort.181 Principles of Horticulture and Production ...

2 ACHARYA N.G.RANGA AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF HORTICULTURE Course Out lines Course No - HORT. 181 Course Title - Principles of Horticulture and production technology of fruit crops Credit hours - 3 (2+1) Lec.No. Topic / Lecture Page No.

Principle and design of a mobile arm support for people ...

principle and design of the mechanism are presented and pre-liminary field trial results are given. Two users report on 6 months of continuous use of the arm support in their home and social environments. Key words: adjustable spring mechanism, assistive device, biomechanics, gravity equilibrator, mobile arm support, neuro-

Principles of Flight: Bernoulli''s Principle

principles of flight. MUSEUM IN A BOX. Bernoulli''s Principle. Lesson Overview. In this lesson, students will learn about forces and . motion as they see how the work of Daniel Bernoulli and Sir Isaac Newton help explain flight. Students will also learn how lift and gravity, two of the four forces of flight, act on an airplane while it is in ...


passengers, goods, etc. Basically all the types of vehicles works on the principle of internal combustion processes or some times the engines are called as internal combustion engines. Different types of fuels are burnt inside the cylinder at higher temperature to get the transmission motion in the vehicles. Most of the automobiles are

(PDF) Working Principle of Arduino and Using it as a Tool ...

" The working principle of an Ar duino," in Elec tronics, Computer a nd Computation (ICECCO), 2014 11th Internati onal Conference on, vol., no., pp.1-4, Se pt. 29 2014-Oct. 1 2014 doi: 10.1109 ...

HPLC Chromatography Principle and Working Methodology

 · The principle involved in HPLC testing is the separation of compounds in a mixture more efficiently and also quickly than that of traditional column chromatography. Segregation of compounds is due to their relative differences in travel through the column on the application of pressure exerted through the mobile phase or carrying liquid.


Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) are used to raise people from ground/floor level to conduct work aloft. They may be used indoors or outdoors and for any purpose when a person needs to work at an elevated location. There are different kinds of MEWP equipment and …

The Working Principle of a Compression Load Cell | HBM

The Working Principle of a Compression Load Cell A load cell is a transducer that measures force, and outputs this force as an electrical signal. Most load cells use a strain gauge to detect measurements, but hydraulic and pneumatic load cells are also available.

Mobile Computing: Principles, Devices and Operating Systems

mobile computing is another issue that is concerning in this study. Key word: Mobile computing, mobile devices, mobile operating systems I. INTRODUCTION Mobile computing is an interaction between human and computer by which a computer is expected to be motivating during normal usage.

Working principles of solar and other energy conversion …

working energy conversion device, explained as follows: 1. Key components: At least two different energy levels with available energy states for mobile carriers and a path loop for carriers to flow through. 2. Carrier pumping: Carriers must be pumped from a lower energy level to a …

Mobile Crane Technology at a Glance

Mobile Crane Technology 13 Safe Working at Height Access ladders, handles and railings protect crane operating personnel working at height. Furthermore, personal protective equipment is supplied with the crane. Every crane is designed to ensure that the erection processes can be …

(PDF) 📄 The mobile robot "Little Helper": Concepts, ideas ...

This paper presents the concepts, ideas and working principles of the mobile robot "Little Helper" - an ongoing research project at Aalborg University, Denmark, concerning the development of an ...

Basic principles of computed tomography

Basic principles of computed tomography MUDr. Lukáš Mikšík, KZM FN Motol. Tomography tomos = slice; graphein = to write definition - imaging of an object by analyzing its slices Damien Hirst Autopsy with Sliced Human Brain 2004. History 1924 - mathematical theory of tomographic image

Mobile App UX Principles

One complexity in developing principles for mobile apps is the fact that apps within any single category can exhibit greater variety than mobile sites, and can therefore exhibit a far larger variable between apps satisfying the same use case but in either a more utilitarian (e.g. search) or experiential (e.g. discover) way Excluded Categories:

Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)

 · Working Principle of LDR. This resistor works on the principle of photo conductivity. It is nothing but, when the light falls on its surface, then the material conductivity reduces and also the electrons in the valence band of the device are excited to the conduction band. These photons in the incident light must have energy greater than the ...


PRINCIPLES OF FINANCE (FIN-101) PREPARED BY - MR. JEWEL KUMAR ROY 1/15/2015 Mobile No. 01924337923 1 Email Id: [email protected] CHAPTER 1 : INTRODUCTION TO FINANCE The art and Science of managing money • Finance?

Intro to Sensors

Physical Principles: Examples • Amperes''s Law – A current carrying conductor in a magnetic field experiences a force (e.g. galvanometer) • Curie-Weiss Law – There is a transition temperature at which ferromagnetic materials exhibit paramagnetic behavior • Faraday''s Law of Induction